Liquid Filter Cartridges


Liquid Filter Cartridges

RampTech’s liquid filter cartridges are general purpose melt brown depth filters, ideal for reliable and efficient filtration at an efficient costing.

Our liquid filter cartridges are made with different pore sizes allowing efficient capture of particles of various sizes ensuring maximum usage of the filter’s depth. Made with multiple fiber zones created via highly automated and proprietary melt-blowing process, our liquid filter cartridges have a consistent and graded pore structure.

These cartridges are a low cost alternative to molded cores without you having to compromise on filter strength or media depth. Moreover, our cartridges render lifelong, less filter change-outs, hence becoming the most cost-efficient option for general particle reduction in the food and beverage industry.

Amongst the various benefits of RampTech’s liquid filter cartridges, the one that stands out is that of high quality.

Our cartridges are an all polypropylene construction void of any adhesives, binders or surfactants which adds to its broad chemical compatibility, making it suitable for a large variety of fluids.

Trust RampTech’s quality management system and avail long lasting, high quality, cost-efficient and consistent performing liquid filter cartridges.

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