Heat Exchanger Refurbishment Process


Heat Exchanger Refurbishment

At Ramptech, plate heat exchangers undergo an extensive and efficient process of refurbishment inclusive of the process of chemical cleaning and testing. The process of plate heat exchanger refurbishment at Ramptech involves the following steps:

1. Identification And Inspection Of Plates: Once the plates from the heat exchanger arrive for refurbishment, they are identified and logged. All the gaskets are carefully removed from the plates with precision.

2. Chemical Cleaning: The plates are then cleaned chemically. They are first immersed in an alkali bath followed by an acid bath for proper cleaning inside out.

3. Rinsed And Dried: Plates are rinsed off with water coming from a source of high pressure. Post the said process the plates are thoroughly dried.

4. Fluorescent Dye Application: Once the plates are completely dried, they are individually sprayed with a fluorescent dye penetrant. This is done to inspect the plates for corrosion

holes or cracks by the dye penetrant. Via this method, even the finest hairline cracks in the plate can be made visible.

5. Ultraviolet Inspection: Every individual plate undergoes a test using ultraviolet light to identify fine cracks which also helps identify any form of wear, pitting or channel deformation. This process makes it easy to solve the underlying problems efficiently and timely.

6. Gasket and plate assembly: Following a thorough inspection, the new gaskets are clipped or bonded to the refurbished plates with precision. The finest quality of appropriate adhesives are used where required and all the plates are properly clamped to ensure correct alignment. If necessary for better service, the plates are oven cured as well.

7. Completing the process: The plates undergo a final check to ensure proper adhesion and alignment. Following which the plates are re-packaged and ready for dispatch!

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