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Ramp Tech is a company offering durable and premium range of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) services since the year 2015. We are an endeavor reaching numerous industries right from our location of establishment; Vadodara, Gujarat.

Over 5 years in the industry and enriched expertise enables us to source the best and highest quality range of products from leading manufacturers and rendering the same to our clients at an optimum pricing.

Plate heat exchangers (PHE) are one of the most popular products offered for thermal transfer. These heat exchangers have a unique design and are loaded with advantages for the industries utilizing them for daily operations. Hence, when selecting heat exchangers it is important to purchase the one that meets your needs and requirements efficiently.

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Our Products

A Complete Range Of Plate Heat Exchanger Spares, Gaskets, Pasteurizers, SS Pipe Fittings, Milk Pumps, Mechanical Seals and so on.

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On And off-site Experienced Service

At Ramp Tech, we understand the disruption and costs that plan the downtime you can have on your business in cases of lack of maintenance or trouble with your heat plate exchanger.

Decommissioning Of PHE

Maintenance, modification and refurbishment of heat plate exchangers require decommission of the same. As a result of which, our expert engineers who are well-versed with the process.

Removal Of Old Gaskets

One of the most common reasons for the decreased efficiency in heat exchangers are old gaskets which cause external leakage and deposits such as scaling which lowers the heat.

Chemical Cleaning Of Plates

With constant usage, heat exchangers become prone to scaling and corrosion. Ramp Tech has the perfect solutions to restore the efficiency of your heat plate exchangers by analyzing.


Plate Heat Exchangers

1. Reliability

The major advantage of Ramp Tech’s plate heat exchanger services, not only efficiency enhancement but reliability also. One that accompanies your plate heat exchanger woes. We understand how heat exchangers are created, with several corrugated plates on the frame of the equipment which imbibes within us an understanding of design and the working of the entire body during the heat transfer process.

Ramp Tech’s services create a high turbulence and wall shear stress that efficiently results in a high heat transfer. Owing to the transformation into a compact yet powerful design, our plate heat exchanger services known for being efficient and a low and an optimum cost investment.

2. Availability

Ramp Tech is available at your service with solution oriented techniques for your plate heat exchanger needs. We have a 24 hour availability and prompt consumer response policy to render timely assurance to our esteemed clients. .

3. Flexibility

Ramp Tech’s plate heat exchanger services can easily render and seamlessly adjust for capacity changes.

So the size and number of plates required for your application will never be a concern.

Our team & spares for plate heat exchangers (PHE) can ensure designs for the addition or removal of plates as well depending on the increase of decrease of transfer capacity.

4. Serviceability

Our plate heat exchanger refurbishment services are carried out by experts who are well-versed with the intricate details and precision involved in the process.

By the end of our service, you will avail a plate heat exchanger as good as new owing to our best in class equipment’s and experts that are a part of our impeccable service process.


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